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Discussion of the challenges in the comminution as they are effectively communicated by the technical expert practicing in the relevant field of mining and mineral processing.

The Geological Society of the Philippines (GSP) will be hosting a webinar on May 28, 2022, 8:45 am to 12:00 pm. A wide range of topics will be discussed including Philippine Mineral Reporting Code (PMRC) 2020 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR), Mineral Reporting Code Committee (MRCC) & the Accredited Competent Persons (ACP) System, GSP Code of Ethics & Complaints Procedure and updates on PMRCC. 

A special lecture will also be given by Mr. Ciceron A. Angeles, Jr. on the Basics and Proper PMRC Reporting of Porphyry Copper Deposits.

Geologists aspiring to qualify as an ACP are encouraged to attend this webinar. Likewise, ACPs and other allied professions are also invited to be informed on these discussions and updates.

PSEM will be spearheading the Minerals Industry Symposium which will take place on the 2nd day of the conference. The Minerals Industry Symposium is a whole-day event virtually bringing together experts and resource persons to stimulate discussion of recent government policies/issuances and leading mining engineering practices/initiatives in the promotion of occupational safety and health, sound environmental management, and social responsibility in the minerals industry, amidst the concern of the global health crisis.

This program takes up the processes and procedures which are done in the metallurgical testing of copper ore, from sampling to sample preparation, various types of copper ores and the extractive metallurgy involved and finally the chemicals used in flotation, the most dominant mineral processing step in the beneficiation of copper.

  • Know the procedures in the preparation of copper ores for metallurgical testing
  • Know the types of copper ores and the Metallurgical Tests involved
  • Know the various reagents used in copper flotation

Keynote and Plenary talks about empowering metallurgical engineers as they forge through the pandemic plus research output of advances and developments in metallurgical engineering and allied fields through parallel presentations in mineral processing, extractive metallurgy, physical and applied metallurgy and materials science and engineering.

Webinar on PMRC 2007 and Updates on PMRC 2020 that will provide as a refresher course to existing Geologist Competent Persons (CPs) and introductory course to aspiring Geologist CPs.

An introductory course on the Philippine Mineral Reporting Code. Open to all geologists, mining and metallurgical engineers aspiring to become a Competent Person to sign exploration results, mineral resources and ore reserves reports as well as any professionals in the mining and minerals industry.

Familiarize yourself with the basic parts of a mining feasibility study and learn how to organize a feasibility study team and create a project table. 

This is a webinar for CPs, Would-be CPs and People Interested to know about the different regulatory reports required by the Mines and Geosciences Bureau.

This is a webinar for CPs, Would-be CPs and People Interested to Know Ethics, Professional Responsibilities and Liabilities of CPs.

This webinar will provide current strategies for assessing and monitoring slope stability for all mines and other large excavations.

This webinar explains the basic concepts and relevance of Geostatistics in Mineral Exploration and Mining.

Learning Outcomes:

  • you will get the meat of Lean Six Sigma and how these practitioners think
  • you will be able to jump-start your digitalization effort the simple and cost-efficient way
  • you will be able to know how to exactly leverage business process management innovations to propel your digitalization efforts

In our current rapidly evolving environment, the roles of engineers have changed and and the paradigm of engineering shifted. The technical aspect remains the core of engineering but essential skills have become as equally important. This webinar provides an overview on the essential skills that will help you excel in your engineering career.

Engineers Without Borders - Philippines invites you to a webinar with presentations from Dr. Sandeeka Mannakkara, Mr. Shankar Neeraj and Engr. Dexter Lo on the build-back-better approach towards post-pandemic recovery and building a world that will be more resilient and sustainable through engineering.

Practical Applications of Systems Engineering in Digital Transformation

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